Growing Older, Living Younger 


Welcome to Growing Older, Living Younger (GOLY), the podcast where you will discover ways to boost your metabolism, enhance your mental and physical energy, and ward off disorders we wrongly think are inevitable as we age. Hosted By Dr. Gillian Lockitch, former specialist in Medical Biochemistry, professor, researcher and international speaker. She brings her perspective on how epigenetic (gene expression) science intersects with ancient, non-western wellness practices to extend health span. We will feature experts and practitioners in mental and physical health, fitness, nutrition, personal care, entrepreneurship, community and networking, to help you create your personal roadmap to aging youthfully.

013 Hedieh Safiyari: Connecting People and Providers

013 Hedieh Safiyari: Connecting People and Providers

My mission was to revolutionize client and health and wellness provider experiences with an easy to use app that would  help people find the services that they need where  they live  - Hedieh  Safiyari  At some stage in our lives almost...

012 Kathleen Woodington:  Self-Care is Your Superpower

012 Kathleen Woodington: Self-Care is Your Superpower

Depression steals lives, and it stole my life. I was totally disempowered by ill-health. Yoga cracked me open, meditation helped me fall apart and the blocks I had constructed to feel safe, crumbled away. Over time the foundational self-care practices I...

011 Richard Steinhoff: Living Your Purpose

011 Richard Steinhoff: Living Your Purpose

 "When you live your purpose you are in the flow. Life is effortless, opportunities flow to you and you become unstoppable- H. Richard Steinhoff."  As we explore the steps we can take to lead ourselves to a happier, healthier life, it becomes increasingly...

010 Dr. Henry Mahncke: Rewiring Your Brain

010 Dr. Henry Mahncke: Rewiring Your Brain

“Brains at any age are capable of rewiring and changing. No one should be aging, thinking that ' it's all downhill from here” - Dr. Henry Mahncke According to physicist Michio Kaku, the human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other...

009 Dr. Randall Bell: Post-Traumatic Thriving 

009 Dr. Randall Bell: Post-Traumatic Thriving 

“I see a world where everyone has access to the skills of goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, leadership, personal finance, etiquette, stress reduction, and much more. I’m convinced that these skills could have prevented some of the disasters I have...

Podcast Reviews

  • Interesting range of excellent speakers on healthy aging
    May 25, 2022 by KLDancer from Canada

    Listen in for tips and ideas ranging from staying healthy, losing weight, keeping a glowing skin to retiring in comfort. Love the way important information is shared in a conversational style - a chat between friends.

  • Fantastic Podcasts
    May 24, 2022 by MikeL0953 from United States

    These are some of the most interesting and informative podcasts I have listened to. Covering a wide range of topics all centered around growing older in a healthier way they are a must.

  • Coach
    May 24, 2022 by Coach Buck Rogers from United States

    What A GREAT Podcast! I met Dr. Lockitch a year ago and have had the pleasure of working with her professionally. What a wonderful woman! Gill is one of the most fasinating people I have ever met. If you get a chance, be sure to read her book. It's an incredible story of a woman who had everything, lost it, and is getting it all back again. I'm 80 years old and I'll tell you that I feel younger every time I listen to her podcast. I would give her ten stars if I could.

  • Fight Back
    May 5, 2021 by Just so you know 7 from United States

    Great podcast very uplifting! Fightback ..... give aging the one two punch!

  • great podcast on how to age with grace and ease
    April 29, 2021 by KLDancer from Canada

    Listen in to get life hacks on how to stay health and graceful as you age. I loved it.

  • She's full of wisdom & knowledge
    April 28, 2021 by PromptHealth from Canada

    Dr. Gillian is amazing. Enjoy listening to her and learning from her. ❤️

  • Relevant Podcast on How To Age and Live with Grace and Ease
    April 28, 2021 by Changing The Sales Game from United States

    Great podcast for anyone who wants to fight the aging process with grace and ease. Gillian is an amazing coach and leader as it relates to Growing Older and Living Younger and shares relevant, and tangible tips and strategies!

  • So timely!!!
    April 28, 2021 by alitlc from United States

    What a great show! As I watch family and friends deteriorate because they buy into the paradigm of aging means losing health, functioning, and vitality, I feel frustrated and disappointed for them. The strength of the show comes from Gillian’s personal story as well as her medical expertise and qualified guests. I highly recommend this show to everyone because chronological aging does happen but how you run your head determines your well-being

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