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057 Cathy Derksen: Sharing Life Stories to Create a Global Community

Jun 20, 2022 | Podcast Episode

Frank McCourt, author of the memoir,  Angela’s Ashes wrote, ”everyone has a story to tell – all you have to do is write it. But it’s not that easy.”
In today’s conversation, we talk about the power of telling your story and becoming part of global communities of like minded people. For most of us writing is not easy but it is worth the effort. Thinking back to when I was writing my book, Growing Older Living Younger, I learned a lot about myself from the introspection needed to write with honesty and humility.  Each of us has a multitude of stories that make us unique. My guest, Cathy Derksen, helps people  share their own inspiring stories by guiding them from chapter concept to publication.
Cathy’s company, Inspired Tenacity, is dedicated to improving the lives of women in her community and around the world.  After working in Medical Genetics for 25 years, she transitioned to financial planning and has since become certified in counselling, success principles and strategies for overcoming limiting believes and mindset. Cathy is an international speaker and Amazon #1 best selling author with stories that inspire the readers to take a leap of faith into reaching for their big goals. 

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