053 Chris Westfall: Make Your Life Easier

May 23, 2022 | Podcast Episode

Today I talk with Chris Westfall, about how to make life easier in these troubling times. One of my all-time most admired and respected actors, Robert Redford, commented “ I’m interested in that thing that happens where there’s a breaking point for some people and not for others. You go through such hardship, things that are almost impossibly difficult, and there’s no sign that it’s going to get any better, and that’s the point when people quit. But some don’t.” That got me thinking about about hardship in today’s world, and about how many of us are stretched to near breaking point. Out of curiosity, I searched the phrase “life is hard” and google returned 10 million results.  Then I searched “how to relieve stress” and google found 1.7 trillion results.  
So clearly, like me, many of you over the past two years, have been struggling through hardships of different degrees, sometimes angry, sometimes anxious, often overwhelmed, always waiting for life to return to normal, to become easier. Who quits? Who does not?
Today’s guest, is Business Coach, Keynote speaker and author, Chris Westfall, whose latest book is called Easier:  60 Ways to Make Your Work Life Work for You. His book is written in the style of narrative dialogue between The Client and The Coach, with the objective being for fresh ideas to emerge through this dialogue and  ultimately help the Client define a better life.   I was drawn to the definition of Easier, described early in the book`. “Easier is where life’s better, where we find freedom. Clarity. Confidence. It’s where we don’t struggle and suffer and wish and try to manage the whole world”. (Chris Westfall)
Chris is one of the most sought-after business coaches and keynote speakers in the world. He has helped launch over five dozen businesses, and has appeared on ABC NEWS, NBC TV and CNN. A regular contributor to Forbes, he has worked with thousands of leaders at Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and high-tech startups. A coach to entrepreneurs and executives around the globe, his clients have appeared on Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank-Australia.  He regularly consults with top-tier universities and is the author of three other books, including Leadership Language, Bullet Proof branding and the NEW Elevator Pitch. 
We discuss his belief that when it looks like life, career, communication and everything else is breaking down, it’s time to break free and access a kind of personal freedom that allows you to make different choices, see things in a different way and enter into an understanding of what would make your situation easier. 
Chris is offering his gift of a free on line course where you can explore some of the themes and  challenges described inside the book to help you to show up at your best and create the world you want.  

– Chris’ website: https://westfallonline.com/
– Easier’s website: http://easier-book.com
– Easier’s Amazon webpage: http://bit.ly/easier-book
– Chris’ Facebook: http://facebook.com/therealchriswestfall – Easier’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easierbook 

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