164 Dr. Samantha Wellapilli: Self-Healing Anxiety

Jul 8, 2024 | Living Younger by Changing Aging, Mind and Brain, Personal Development, Podcast, Podcast Episode

In EPISODE 164 OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER with Dr. Samantha Wellapilli, we discuss the limitations of conventional medicine in addressing mental health issues and the need for a more comprehensive approach incorporating spiritual practices and connection with community. We explore the intersections of personal responsibility, spirituality, stress eating, and healthy habits, highlighting the connection between stress, sleep and habits, and the importance of making conscious choices for positive changes in overall health. Acknowledging the dual nature of alcohol consumption, we discuss how self-awareness, mindfulness, and responsible consumption can mitigate negative impacts on the body and mind. Dr. Wellapilli suggests we undertake a transformative journey of reclaiming our higher powersin order to shift from human “doings’ to human ‘beings’. We do this by breaking free of cycles of overthinking, worrying and feeling overwhelmed by all the things we believe we should be doing. And instead nurturing our spiritual health, and tapping into the deeper wisdom of the soul or higher mind.

Dr. Sam left her thriving career as a family doctor in London, because she experienced the pain of living according to the expectation of others, and working in a conventional system that did not allow for the vital spiritual element of each person to be honoured. She spent time traveling and studying in Asia, and the Americas. With support from incredible teachers, she found her mission to help others release their self doubt and old patterns to find their own inner strength and healing. Dr. Sam is an inspiring mentor, who has worked with leading health professionals, corporate groups, and high flying women around the globe. Honing skills through the life and soul medicine methodology, she helps women release old patterns of self doubt to find their spark again.

Episode Timeline

[0:11] The transformative journey from conventional medicine to a holistic wellness approach.

[4:13] Alternative approaches to medicine, including yoga and spiritual health.

[9:35] Spiritual health and its connection to mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

[16:18] Personal responsibility, spirituality, and connection with others.

[22:05] Stress, anxiety, and aging, with insights on how to manage stress and maintain health.

[28:02] Alcohol consumption and its impact on mental health.

[33:35] Healthy aging, stress management, and sustainable habits.

[38:40] Meditation, self-reflection, and wellness for aging adults.

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