161 Dr. Heather Sandison. Reversing Alzheimer’s

Jun 17, 2024 | Featured Speaker, Podcast, Podcast Episode

EPISODE 161 OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on demonstrable benefits of lifestyle adaptations for reversing Alzheimer’s.
I talk with Dr. Heather Sandison, a renowned naturopathic doctor specializing in neurocognitive medicine, and author of the newly released book, Reversing Alzheimer’s: The New Toolkit to Improve Cognition and Protect Brain Health. The founder of the Solcere Health clinic, San Diego’s premier brain optimization clinic, and Marama, the first residential memory care facility with the goal of returning cognitively declined residents to independent living, Dr. Sandison has dedicated her career to supporting those suffering with dementia. Dr. Sandison is the primary author of a publication, Observed Improvement in Cognition during a Personalized Lifestyle Intervention in People with Cognitive Decline, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, and hosts the annual online Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. She is excited to shatter common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s and share what she has learned about keeping your brain sharp at any age.

Episode Timeline:

[0:11] Introduction to cognitive decline and brain health with  naturopathic doctor, Heather Sandison

[3:46] Reversing cognitive decline through a holistic approach

[9:31] Results of Improving cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients through a clinical trial

[16:09] Ketogenic diet benefits for brain health, including optimal fuel source, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory effects

[23:12] Benefits of partner dancing such as ballroom dancing for cognitive health

[27:34] Brain training activities, importance of enjoyment, and establishing habits for brain health

34.37 Preventing and delaying Alzheimer’s disease through lifestyle changes

Learn more about Dr. Heather Sandison’s work and Preventing Alzheimer’s.






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