150 Dr. Gillian Lockitch: Changing Aging to Live Younger Longer

Apr 1, 2024 | Podcast, Podcast Episode

In EPISODE 150 OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER I celebrate the power of commitment and constancy that enabled this podcast to reach the milestone of 150 episodes, aired every Monday for three years without fail. Previous episodes have spotlit strategies from authors, researchers and experts about changes in lifestyle and habits that can have a big impact on your health and vitality as you age. Today to celebrate the commitment and constancy that enabled me to reach the milestone of 150 consecutive episodes, the author, researcher and wellness, beauty and healthy aging expert I am spotlighting is me, as I share with you the story behind Growing Older Living Younger and the Change Your Aging Masterplan.

Episode Timeline

  • 0.11 Introduction to Aging gracefully with insights from the host.
  • [1:58] Dr. Gillian Lockitch shares her story of loss, resilience, and reinvention in midlife.
  • [5:10] Regaining healthy aging and wellness after emergency spinal surgery.
  • [8:36] A Roadmap for Aging gracefully and healthy living to Live Younger Longer

Get to know Your Host: Dr. Gillian Lockitch

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