148 Theresa Lear Levine: Becoming More YOU: Tapping and Hypnotherapy

Mar 18, 2024 | Featured Speaker, Mind and Brain, Personal Development, Podcast, Podcast Episode, Wellness

 EPISODE 148 of GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and Hypnotherapy to overcome past traumas, anxiety and adult ADHD.

Today’s Featured Expert is EFT Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Theresa Lear Levine.Theresa is the, Founder of Becoming More Me, LLC, Creator of the Becoming More Me Signature Program and Author of BECOMING MORE ME: Tapping into Success– Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial Mom. As a self-described an ADHD entrepreneurial wife and mom of 4 boys, Theresa is passionate about helping professional women ditch anxiety, limiting beliefs, and past trauma to reclaim their power and step into a new paradigm abundant in inner peace, self-trust, and confidence.

Episode Timeline

[0:11] Emotional freedom techniques and hypnotherapy for overcoming trauma and anxiety.

[2:42] ADHD diagnosis and personal growth.

[7:45] Managing anxiety and ADHD with holistic approaches.

[12:08] Emotional Freedom Techniques for managing emotional issues.

[16:49] Hypnotherapy and EFT tapping for personal growth.

[21:17] Law of attraction and manifesting with personal experiences.

[26:31] Using EFT tapping for emotional release and personal growth.

[31:40] Slowing down and living intentionally for better aging.

Learn more about about Theresa Levine  and Becoming More Me at the links below

IG: https://www.instagram.com/theresalearlevine

Website: http://www.theresalearlevine.com

Podcast Website: http://www.becomingmoreme.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/theresalearlevine

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2Kj-CBxX_Oj96ZdESjn9Q

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theresalearlevine


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