146 Susan O’Connell: A Zen Inspired Senior Living Community

Mar 4, 2024 | Personal Development, Podcast Episode, Presence, Wellness

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on the practice of Zen, Buddhism and how being part of a Zen inspired community can enhance our own practice of calmness and inner peace.

Today’s Featured Guest is Zen teacher, Susan O’Connell, who has lived at the San Francisco Zen Center since 1995. She held many positions there, including 10 years as Vice President and President, and she is a fully ordained Zen teacher. Prior to her life as a Zen student, Susan owned and operated two film production companies with offices in LA and San Francisco, and produced four independent feature films, and one TV movie. She is the visionary behind Enso village, a Zen inspired senior living community in Northern California.

Episode Timeline:

[0:11] Intro to Zen practice and its impact on aging

[3:26] Zen practice and Buddhism

[11:37] Buddhism and personal development

[17:05] Buddhist practices and philosophies

[23:31] Zen philosophy and community living

[28:59] Aging gracefully

Learn more about Susan O”Connell, the San Francisco Zen Center, and Enso village, here:



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