143 Susan Janzen: How to Live and Love Each Day

Feb 12, 2024 | Mind and Brain, Personal Development, Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on resilience  and triumph over adversity, through keeping a mindset of personal responsibility for your own happiness, and creating a joyful life. We also discuss the fascinating story of the  Gold Rush and  Klondike Kate.

Today’s Featured Guest is Susan Janzen, author of “Living and Loving Each Day”, and host of the “Living and Loving Each Day” podcast. Susan is an accomplished singer and recording artist who represented Edmonton for two years as Klondike Kate and  sang the National Anthems at two Stanley Cup Playoff games. She continues her professional singing career as the vocalist with a 16-piece Trocadero Orchestra.  Susan earned her Bachelor of Education degree at 42, and is a Certified Happy for No Reason Coach and Trainer. In her Course -7 Steps to Courageous Confidence on Camera, Susan  empowers the camera-shy to master their on-camera presence.

Episode Timeline

[0:11]  Aging, resilience, and mindset with author Susan Janzen

[2:51] How she triumphed over adversity and built a musical career

[7:29] The story of Klondike Kate and Edmonton’s gold rush history

[12:00] Career in music and  education.

[16:30] Personal experiences in special education, and career changes

[21:35] Taking personal responsibility for happiness

[27:02] Personal growth through grief, and faith

[31:58] Aging, gratitude, and special needs parenting.

Learn more about Sue Janzen and her work at the links below





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