139 Mark Evin: LudoFit – Fitness Fun for Healthy Aging

Jan 15, 2024 | Podcast, Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on an innovative home fitness program that combines world travel experiences with exercise for a fun fitness activity that will  keep you coming back for more. Today’s Featured Guest is Mark Evin, CEO of Ludica Health and the innovative mind behind LudoFit. Mark has created a digital platform that combines world travel experiences with beneficial fitness routines to revolutionize the way seniors engage with exercise. From virtually skiing the peaks of Italy, to the cycling trails of the Tour de France, LudoFit helps seniors enjoy fun, accessible and effective fitness activities in their own homes. Before founding Ludica Health, Mark developed multimedia installations for museums and science centers, to engage and inspire people using motion-sensing and computer vision technology. Ludica Heath’s flagship product, Jintronix, is currently used in over 300 rehabilitation facilities in North America. LudoFit, their newest program, is a strength and balance video-game software for adults, accessed through a  downloadable app for laptop and iPad that combines captivating outdoor landscapes, evidence-based exercises, and enjoyable video-game experiences.

Episode Timeline

[0:11] Intro to revolutionizing senior exercise with a new digital platform 

[3:35] Multimedia installations and their impact on storytelling.

[7:41] Developing a video game-based exercise program for rehabilitation

[12:00] Creating a video game for seniors to improve strength and balance.

[19:06] Fitness games focussing on core strength and cognitive challenges

[23:57] Dance programs for seniors and  maintaining cognition

31: 15 Fitness and aging with a focus on  dancing

Learn more about Mark Evin, Ludica Health and LudoFit at the links below.






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