In this episode of GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER we ask the question, once our basic needs are met, does money and material goods bring happiness?

Today’s Featured Expert is Jeff Golden M.Ed.,  author of Reclaiming the Sacred: Healing Our Relationships with Ourselves and the World, winner of the Grand Prize at the Nautilus Book Awards. Jeff is a former Fulbright Scholar in sustainable development, was awarded the US State Department’s Millennium International Volunteer Award, and has directed several nonprofits dedicated to sustainability and social justice. He was most recently a scholar-in-residence at Vassar College. Jeff’s book, Reclaiming the Sacred, draws on contributions of psychologists and economists, cosmologists and activists, saints and poets, to explore the things that most nourish human well-being, and those that don’t.

Episode Timeline

[0:11]. Intro to happiness, health, and longevity with Jeff Golden.

[3:13]. The genesis of a  book on personal growth and self-awareness.

[6:16]. The relationship between money and happiness.

[12:29] Poverty, happiness, and basic needs.

[18:26] Happiness, genetics, and your inner life.

[22:49] Happiness, self-esteem, and connection in a divided society.

Learn more about Jeff Golden and Reclaiming the Sacred at the links in the show notes.

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