134 Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill: Creating Connection in Marriage and Life

Dec 11, 2023 | Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on counteracting loneliness, and  fostering emotional connection in relationships through the program, Connections Codes

Today’s Featured Experts, Dr. Glenn Hill and Phyllis Hill  share their personal journey of discovering the emotional side of relationships and how they sidestepped each other’s triggers early in their marriage, leading to a lack of emotional closeness despite having  successful careers and family. Their program, the Connection Codes, evolved out of their own need to create connection in their marriage. Having spent those first 30 years of marriage living in disconnect,  Glenn went back to school to become a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Clinical Sexologist. Together Dr Glenn & Phyllis created The Connection Codes  a framework to help couples connect emotionally and physically;

Episode Timeline

[0:11] Intro to Aging, loneliness, and emotional connection

[3:45] Marriage, relationships, and personal growth

 [8:06] Communication and conflict resolution in a long-term marriage

14.22 Emotions in communication.

[19:16] How emotions impact relationships

[23:46] Emotional processing in relationships

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Learn more about https://www.connectioncodes.co/livingyounger– 4 minute tool for processing emotion

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