127 Rich Maggiotto: PEPPERMINT – a Digital Clubhouse

Oct 23, 2023 | Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on a new on-line community specially created as a digital clubhouse for boomers and seniors to connect, interact, learn and play.

Today’s Guest is global entrepreneur and operator, Rich Maggiotto, who together with his network of top venture capitalists, debt finances, and high net worth investors, has built and collaborated with high caliber, global cross functional teams, and completed diligence negotiation and integration for five mergers and acqisitions, and seven joint ventures across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Now Rick has turned his entrepreneurial attention to creating Peppermint, a new online digital clubhouse with the special mission to help older adults connect with creators and others that can help them live their best and happiest lives.

Episode Timeline
  [0:11] Intro to combating loneliness in seniors    

  [2:29] Longevity, health span, and social engagement for older adults

   [8:18] Creating a platform for older adults to connect and learn

  [14:23] Aging, health, and lifestyle habits

  [19:40] Building Peppermint

   [25:42] The value of staying connected for healthy aging.

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