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120 Jennifer Rulon: Age Youthfully with an Ironman Mindset

Sep 4, 2023 | Fitness, Personal Development, Podcast, Podcast Episode, Podcast Guest

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on how, by applying the positive mindset of an Ironman triathlete to your resistance training, at any age you can prevent  muscle loss, and build strong, lean muscles.

My expert guest is Jennifer Rulon, a 15 times Ironman Triathlete who qualified for and participated in the 2017 World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, and who has “retired” from Triathlons to coach and train others.

Episode Timeline
[0:11] Introduction to this episode

[2:51] Jen Rulon

[5:57] How Jen’s dream of becoming an Ironman Triathlete began

[10:17] Adverse effects of vigorous training

[12:31] Knowing when to say goodbye to competition

[17:50] Your chosen fitness modality must bring you joy

[22:50] Resistance training as the Fountain of Youth

[23:56] Prevention should start years before the effects of joint or bone aging become apparent

[30:51] Takeaway message about aging well

Speaker Biography:
Jen Rulon, has been a triathlon/fitness coach for more than 22 years. She earned  her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science. As a 15 × Ironman Triathlete, she has shared her knowledge as an author and speaker. Her book is titled “Self Motivation Strategies for Women,” and she has just launched a podcast, The Everyday Healthy Human. Self Motivation Strategies for Women. Although she is “retired” from the sport of triathlon, she still coaches and lives a life of abundance, strength training, walks, and catching the sunsets in Costa Rica

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