115: Sean Mitton: Mind-Mapping to Create Your Autobiography.

Jul 31, 2023 | Connection and Challenges, Mind and Brain, Personal Development, Podcast, Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on mind mapping, and leaving a footprint by telling your story through question based mapping techniques.

Today’s Featured Expert is author, Sean Mitton, discussing a way to recall the wonderful and impactful moments in your life through a fun and easy process called question based mind mapping. With Mind Map certification from Mind Meister, and bigger plate.com, Sean is a passionate Mind Mapper, who has created over 1000 Mind Maps during the last 20 years for business and personal applications. His inspiration for creating autobiography began in 2010 when he collected over 200 stories that recalled where people were for one of the greatest moments in Canadian history. And that is Canada’s collective memory of a famous hockey goal that clinched the Summit Series for Canada. The book called The goal that united Canada celebrated the 40th anniversary of that moment. And a second book, when Canada shut down was published for the 50th anniversary of this 72 Summit Series.

Episode Timeline
  0:1 Introduction to episode

  [4:01] The Goal that United Canada

  [7:31] The journey of story telling

[11:54] What is mind-mapping and how does it work?

[16:02] Growing Older Living Younger is part memoir-part science

[19:48]  Question based mind-mapping to find the story

[23:16] Create a map of your life

[27:04] Outlining versus mind mapping

33: 20 Take away- leaving your footprint on the world.

Learn more about Sean Mitton and Mind Mapping here:

email: canex1@gmail.com


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