108 Joan Green: Tech Savvy Seniors: How to Navigate the Digital World 

Jun 12, 2023 | Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on empowering people to become tech savvy and where needed, to embrace assistive technology to overcome challenges.

As our world of communication becomes ever more digital, technology has become an integral part of our lives, as we connect, learn, and explore. However, navigating this digital landscape can sometimes be challenging especially for those of us whose youth was not spent  communicating via cell phones, tablets and laptops. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the realm of technology, shedding light on ways to make it accessible, enjoyable, and empowering for older adults and individuals with sensory or other challenges.

Today’s Featured Expert is Joan Green,  long time speech-language pathologist, assistive technology specialist, and online technology advisor.

Episode Timeline
  [0:11] Introduction to this episode
  [3:22] Joan’s transition from speech language pathology to assistive technology.
  [6:20]  How technology has changed the world of computing
[10:02]  When does one become an elder?
[14:25]  Hearing aids for adults with hearing difficulties.
[17:31]  How to get people to use captions and other assistive technologies
[21:00] Advice for people with memory and cognitive challenges [25:52]  Transitioning these skills into real life. 

Key Take Away
Don’t be afraid to try and explore technology.Try to think about something new to learn.  Because with the right kind of mindset of exploration, you can really improve your life and stay very much engaged.

Speaker Bio: Joan Green received her formal graduate education at Northwestern University.  Author of  four books on how technology can assist with communication, cognition, literacy, and learning, Joan  is deeply passionate about helping individuals of all ages and abilities leverage personal technology tools to enhance communication, cognition, and quality of life. Through 1:1 and group online sessions for families and organizations, she is committed to streamlining the use of apps, devices, accessibility features, and other emerging tech tools and resources to support social connection, reading and writing, independence, and well-being.

Learn more about Joan Green and her free gifts
Free webinars- TheyMayNotKnow.com
10 Tech Tips for Seniors-  https://bit.ly/GrowingOlderLivingYounger





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