097 Michael J Lockitch. Will Your Insurance Policy Last for Your Lifetime ?

Mar 27, 2023 | Podcast, Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER focuses on why it is important to test and ensure that your life insurance policy will be there till you die, especially if your plan was to provide retirement income as well as death benefits for your beneficiaries.
Today’s Featured Expert is Michael J. Lockitch, CFA
We discuss the importance of understanding the reliability of your life insurance policy for providing you the benefits you expect. This assumes even greater importance with the increase in average life expectancy, and if you follow your Growing Older Living Younger roadmap for healthy aging you may live younger longer.

Episode Timeline
[0:11] What is retiring comfortably?
[5:07] Michael’s background in finance and life insurance.
[7:58]  Understanding the different types of life insurance policies.
[12:02] Misunderstood risks underlying these policies
[16:50]  Why do most illustrations not demonstrate the risks
[18:50]  What is the probability of success of a policy?
[23:46]  What happens if the policy lapses?
[28:07] What are the possible risks that could occur in the future?

Speaker Bio:
Michael has over 25 years in the financial services industry and is a CFA charter holder since 2005. Over his 12 years on Wall Street beginning at Salomon Brothers and ending as a senior vice-president at Credit Suisse First Boston, he advised Fortune 500 clients on mergers & acquisitions, capital raising and issuance, structured finance, and bankruptcy and restructuring. As co-founder and lead technical manager for OCE Interactive, Michael developed an online equity valuation and analytics software website. Currently, as a fee only financial consultant and financial technology developer, Michael has a commercially available on-line toolset for testing life insurance policy illustrations, called Life Insurance Sustainability Analytics – LISA.

Learn more about Michael Lockitch and the Life Insurance Sustainability Analytics – LISA at the links below. https://lifeinsuranceanalytics.com




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