091 Barbara Cole Salmeron. Hunter or Gatherer? Empowering Relationships.

Feb 13, 2023 | Podcast Episode

 One of the 7 Pillars of the Growing Older Living Younger Roadmap is based in community and connection. There is a fundamental need within all of us, to be part of a social group. Loneliness and isolation lead to greater levels of anxiety and depression, and  loneliness is known to lead to age-associated problems such as obesity, high blood pressure. Today I talk about relationships and how they may change as we grow older, with Relationship Capital Consultant, Barbara Cole Salmeron, who helps men and women decode the mysteries of the opposite sex so they can heal relationship conflicts at home, at work, and in romance! Barbara is the creator of the Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series. She a is offering a gift of a free masterclass on the Top 5 Secrets to Relationship Success. The links to this gift and more information about Barbara ’s work are listed below.

To discover how to Reset Your Aging Blueprint and create your own Roadmap to Living Younger while Growing Older, schedule a free Discovery Call with me.

 BarbaraColeSalmeron.com/freeGift  https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraColeSalmeron.Global





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