089 Dr. Mike Van Thielen: Biohacking: Science Fiction to Science Fact

Jan 30, 2023 | Podcast Episode

In today’s conversation with Dr. Mike Van Thielen, we discuss how biohacking can further the Growing Older Living Younger mission of extending healthspan to live younger longer. The term, biohacking sounds very futuristic and science-fiction, but the GOLY concept of making small changes in lifestyle and habits to support metabolism and change physiology, is in fact biohacking, to enhance mental and physical well being and optimize performance. We discuss 3 levels of biohacking and the primary importance of mindset in optimizing heathy aging.
Dr. Mike Van Thielen has a PhD in Holistic Nutrition, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and is a treating physician for Boston Neuro Pain and Psych Centers, Assistant coach and therapist for the Belgian Olympic swim team for the Olympic Games in Atlanta,  Dr. Mike himself is an All American and is a current World Record Holder in swimming. He holds 28 U.S. National Titles and 2 YMCA National records and is a proud member of the exclusive WSA – World Sports Alumni.
His newest book is The IZOD Method – Unleash Your Superpower: Optimize Productivity and Focus, Free Up Valuable TimeLive Stress Free, Upgrade Body & Brain

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