The Power and Privilege of Podcast Hosting

Jan 8, 2023 | BLOG, Living Younger by Changing Aging

As I was scheduling the episodes of the Growing Older Living Younger podcast that will air in January and early February while I am travelling, I reflected on the fact that as much as I was grateful for the powerful and valuable information I am able to share with my listeners, it has equally been a privilege for me to meet these awesome experts. It is powerful to hear how their life journeys have led them to a place where they can share their expertise in living well and aging in good health with the world.

If, like me, one is an inveterate do-it-yourselfer, podcasting does require a fair investment of time and energy. But I have been greatly encouraged to continue to invest in producing new episodes, by the positive feedback and appreciation expressed by so many of my audience, who let me know how they have been encouraged to make changes in habits and lifestyle, and have since experienced increased vitality and joy in life.

Here are some of the episodes coming up this month.
January 9th. An Endocrinologist Looks at Healthy Aging with Dr. Jerilynn Prior
January 16th. How Nootropics can Power Your Brain with Mark (Mr. Noots) Effinger
January 23rd. Should Hormone Replenishment be on our Healthy Aging Radar with Dr. David Rosensweet
Jan 30th. Biohacking: Science Fiction to Science Fact with Dr. Mike Van Thielen
February 6th. 9 Golden Rules for Living a Healthy Life with David Medansky

Be sure to follow the Growing Older Living Younger podcast to be sure you don’t miss any of these episodes. And there are lots more excellent episodes to come.

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