084 Dr.Gillian Lockitch: Growing Older Living Younger 2022 in Review

Dec 26, 2022 | Podcast Episode

Welcome back to this special end of year, Boxing Day episode of Growing Older Living Younger.  Aging is inevitable. Aging in poor health is not. The theme of today’s episode is changing aging. Although we inherit our intrinsic genetic DNA blueprint from our parents, over our lifetime, extrinsic factors modify how our genes are expressed – the science  of switching genes on and off, is known as epigenetics. Although we start life with the genetic blueprint from our parents, over time through myriads of extrinsic forces combined with the lifestyle choices we make and habits we practice, we are the contractor who shapes our intrinsic blueprint to construct the person we become.
The overarching goal of this podcast, my book, and the Growing Older Living Younger program is to show you how small changes in lifestyle and habits can have a big impact on your health and vitality as you age. As I relate in  my book, during the process of recovery and rehabilitation from spinal surgery, I realized that I needed to reevaluate the way I was living, to change the downward trajectory of my aging so that I would extend my health span – the length of lifespan that I would remain in optimal health. My goal became to minimize the so called aging-associated disorders, to stay mentally and physically active, vibrant and joyful, metaphorically dancing till the end of life.
Over  time and deep diving into health and aging research, I evolved  my unique personal Roadmap for Growing Older Living Younger. Within the 7 Fundamental Pillars I designed specific strategies designed to promote my health, minimize aging effects and counteract ageism.
Growing Older Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully and The Art of Retiring Comfortably, was published a month before my 76th birthday, the same time that I launched this Growing Older Living Younger podcast, to bring you the stories and the wisdom of experts in the 7 fundamental areas of aging well.
In reviewing the  lineup of interviews, I looked at whether these diverse conversations led me to make changes in the design and details of my Road Map.
2022 kicked off with the first of 12  episodes that focused on nutrition, what, when and how we eat. We discussed how our understanding of Vitamin D requirements has changed and the key roles Vitamin D plays in our health. Subsequent podcasts discussed time restricted eating or intermittent fasting, dieting versus intuitive eating, tissues around plant-based diet and toxins in so-called superfoods and gluten in our foods. 
There were  episodes about various aspects of mindset, the way in which we think about aspects of our lives from personal and communal relationships, how leaving a legacy, approaching retirement, and persisting till success happens. Several episodes looked at various aspects of aging such as technology to assist or monitor aging, ageism and how we respond to it, and creating appropriate living and social environments. 
With respect to  aging and the body, episodes focused on eye disease specifically glaucoma, prostate health, skin health,  hair loss and approaches to self healing. We discussed maintaining cognitive skills and delaying dementia through brain training and dance, and adequate sleep
As I reflect on these conversations, most of the recommendations and takeaway messages aligned well with the details of my personal Road Map which I outline in this podcast. As an ongoing challenge and to expand my network and community  I have my entrepreneurial wellness and anti-aging business, my weekly podcast and have started the Growing Older Living Younger Community.When I looked back at my family health history I wish I had paid more attention to prevention in my earlier years.  It makes me think that a second version of my upcoming program, Reset Your Aging Blueprint, which was planned for the 50 + age group, should be offered for the 30 to 50 year old cohort since we know for example, that the ground work for later development of osteoporosis is laid down in the peri-menopausal period. By changing our nutritional lifestyle early we could avoid the middle aged spread and later obesity and other related disorders.

Through my book, this podcast, my guest appearances on other shows, and the Growing Older Living Younger Private Community, I hope to get the message out that our genes need not define our destiny. While there may be aspects of our health that we cannot change, there are many things that we can influence by the choices we make and the habits we can put into practice. I have found ways that work for  me to help me grow older gracefully and joyfully. I would love to help you find your personal roadmaps to living younger longer.
To discover how to Reset Your Aging Blueprint and create your own roadmap to living younger as you grow older, you can schedule a free Discovery Call with me or email me at askdrgill@gmail.com. Order your copy of Growing Older Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully and The Art of Retiring Comfortably here and join our private Growing Older Living Younger Community, to meet people, who like you, are discovering and sharing ways to age in great health.
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