Growing Older Living Younger 2022-2023

Dec 20, 2022 | BLOG, Living Younger by Changing Aging, Science, Wellness

What is new for Growing Older Living Younger in 2023 ? And will this make 2023 a miracle year for you? As 2022 rapidly draws to an end, I find myself reflecting on how I would describe the past 12 months, annus horribilis or annus mirabilis? A horrible year or a wonderful year?  

What was the balance of wonderful to horrible for me?  Right now as I reflect on the events of 2022, I would have to say the scale is tilted towards the horribilis side.  

 Last December, looking ahead to 2022, my vision for the year was positive and optimistic. I was joining my California family members at a resort in Mexico for two weeks over the Christmas/New year time frame. Wonderful. 

But another mismanaged covid panic, laid off airline staff and cancelled flights made our January 1 return to Canada a nightmare. This was compounded by the Arrive Can debacle with the majority of arriving passengers being selected for “random” testing. My pcr test didn’t get to the lab for over a week, during which time I had to quarantine at home and phone in daily to a hotline to report my lack of symptoms. So January 2022 kicked off with a horribilis bang. 

My 2022 plans on the personal front, focused on 3 things – my health – my family – my friends. Had a mild bout of Covid after a convention but otherwise did ok. Overall a fairly even mix of good and not so good. 

On the work front I also had three foci for the Growing Older Living Younger mission of helping men and women enhance their health span ie. live younger and happier, longer.  The first was sharing the message of health span through my book – Growing Older Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully and the Art of Retiring Comfortably. The second was consistently airing the weekly episodes of the Growing Older Living Younger podcast.-  When Episode 84  airs on Dec 26th, I will have achieved that goal. The third was to further build my wellness, beauty and anti-aging business and introduce leading edge, award winning products  to those who wanted to stay well, active and vibrant as they age. And through that I have grown my networks with tribefulls of wonderful people.  Overall – mirabilis. 

My goal for 2023 is that it will be an Annus Mirabilis for us all.  There are three new initiatives for Growing Older Living Younger. The Growing Older Living Younger Private Community is now open. You can join HERE.  The new Growing Older Living Younger Newsletter will keep you updated on tips, tools and strategies for healthy aging. And my aging youthfully program, 7 Keys to Reset Your Aging Blueprint, will launch in January. Ask me for details.

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