077 Dr. Gillian Lockitch. Consistency, Spontaneity and Resilience

Nov 7, 2022 | Podcast Episode

Listener alert: Today’s podcast is going to be a little different from my usual format of a conversation with a featured guest. First of all, it’s not the podcast that I had planned, featuring 3 guest interviews – and there is a story behind this.
Instead it’s about mindset – my mindset and where the attributes of consistency, spontaneity and resilience come into play. And I ‘m recording it spontaneously so my frustration and irritation may become obvious. So here is how this tale unfolds.
Last week, I had the fun and pleasure of being a featured podcast host on Podapalooza, which is an action packed virtual event to connect Podcast hosts and podcast speakers. Over the day, I enjoyed conversations with 9 podcast guests. I planned to air 3 separate episodes, each featuring segments from 3 speakers, that would highlight some aspect of Growing Older Living Younger.
The first is titled ” Release Your Voice , Share Your Wisdom, and features transformation coaches. Allan Carroll, Lynn Himmelman and Robert A. Wilson. In segments from the original interviews, Alan shows me how to find the space between spoken words, Lynn shows how laughter creates confidence and Robert takes me through an induction test for susceptibility to hypnotherapy. This was the episode planned for today.
The second, planned to air the following week is called “Technology, Time and Being Productive, with tips and strategies shared by Avital Spivak, an online technology coach, Yvonne McCoy, women’s business consultant and strategist, and Sheri Burke, creator of the Reinvention playbook.
The third episode “Diverse Ways to Keep Happy and Well ” features interviews with Mary Scott, a documentary film maker who founded a resource directory for start businesses, Adrianna Steinwedel, who works with type 2 diabetes and Kate Culver, founder of song to Gaia, and transformational coach.

To ensure that I do not miss an episode, I usually have a few pre-scheduled but having been out of town attending two busy conferences, both needing lots of follow up, I planned to schedule the first podapalooza episode today, and be finished in time to go to my Sunday night dance class.
And the devils of technology intervened. I have a Mac, for which I have been meticulously keeping the desktop uncluttered and easy to work with. Unfortunately, believing that it was for the preservation of my computer, I had set my system to automatic updates. because I thought this was the way to keep my computer functioning and safe

No problem until today when lo and behold, an automatic update occurred and anew operating system, Ventura, installed on my iMac. completely scrambled my computer.
Somehow in its wisdom, Apple decided to download all the various folders from my iPhone, my MacBook Air, my old Mac and my
current Mac and I was faced with a desktop where I couldn’t find anything that I needed. r.
When I launched my podcast 76 episodes ago, I made a vow to myself of consistency. Every Monday, without fail, an episode would air. And so far I have not missed a single week. I could not let this week be the first. But I have prided myself that I have featured exciting, interesting and educational guests and clearly this was not going to happen. The demon of perfectionism and fear of spontaneity urged me to miss a week, the disciplinarian of consistency fought back, and finally the humility, the nurturer, humility won out.
So dear listeners, I humbly leave you with advance indication of the upcoming podapalooza episodes, and now I need to get to sleep to store up energy for my battle with technology tomorrow.

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