071 Penelope Jane Smith: The Financial Freedom Formula

Sep 26, 2022 | Podcast Episode

Get your money working harder FOR you so you don’t have to work so hard. (Penelope Jane Smith)

A theme that has come up repeatedly in this podcast  is the effect that undue stress can have on health and health span. As today’s guest knows only too well, one of the top stressors for many people is money. And rather than thinking about it, too many of us do the ostrich thing, and bury our heads in the sand.  Whenever I’ve heard the words bitcoin or cryptocurrency, I have filed them away as something to look into when I find time away from researching what really excites me, the science of epigenetics, health and aging. 
So today, in this episode, you and I together will discover how to stop stressing about money and focus on the things that we love in our lives. 
Penelope Jane Smith is the the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, and the creator of Prosperity Coin, the world’s first cryptocurrency designed to support financial freedom for women entrepreneurs. Penelope is the premier financial freedom coach for women entrepreneurs.   She is an acclaimed international speaker and certified trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience. Through her signature programs, like Financial Freedom 101, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world to create more ease, peace and freedom around money.
 Penelope shared her dramatic money story of how as a 21 year old entrepreneur, she almost had “financial freedom” until the real estate market crashed, and she lost everything. Having pulled her self out of the abyss, today she helps other women discover how to become financially free in 5 years or less.

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