062 Frances Edmonds: RepottingYour Life

Jul 25, 2022 | Personal Development, Podcast Episode

In today’s conversation I talk with Frances Edmonds, Inspirational Speaker and author of “Repotting Your Life: Sense When You’re Stuck. Explore What’s Possible. Claim Room to Grow.”

When I first read this book, my thoughts jumped to the colourful collection of red, purple and blue African Violets on my sun-drenched mantelpiece. I recalled how I transferred the tiny plants that grew from leaf cuttings, first to small individual containers, then to larger pots and ultimately, I repotted them in the large pots that will remain their permanent home.
Frances conceived the idea of  repotting, the ideal metaphor for self reinvention in deep middle age, when she uprooted herself, swapping the comfort and security of her London life for a year in California. As a fellow at Stanford’s Distinguished Careers Institute, she researched longevity and related issues at the Center on Longevity.
She suggests that when you find yourself stuck in life, whatever the cause, remember that what ails a root bound plant is not the plant, it’s the pot. We discuss how to bring that same wisdom to any life changing decision, large or small, career or relationships, to reframe your thinking, reset your purpose and rejuvenate yourself.
Following her degree in Modern Languages from Cambridge, Frances became an independent freelance interpreter, traveling all over the world, providing simultaneous interpreting for major institutions, organizations and summits. Great for the brain, she points out that it’s a really tough skill because not only do you have to be great at languages, you also have to be able to listen through your headphones to a person speaking in one language, and simultaneously interpret in a second language. We discuss how, when she became “stuck”, she pivoted and “repotted her life.” 

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