041 Hans Parge. PhD: Reset Your Aging Through Science

Feb 28, 2022 | Podcast Episode

 “The idea is to die young as late as possible.” (Ashley Montague)

The trick is to have fun, fun, fun,  die, and rectangularize your survival curve, or compress your morbidity to as late in life as possible.” (Hans Parge)

Today’s guest, Dr. Hans Parge shares my mission to change aging with science-based systems that extend health rather than just longevity.
Dr. Hans is trained in  biomedical research and pharmaceutical drug discovery. His primary training is as an x ray crystallographer. He did his PhD at Trinity College in Dublin, and postdoctoral work in Berlin at the Free University, the University of Edinburgh, and the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla where he worked at the  on the atomic structural analysis of proteins. the molecules of life. In 1993, he joined a startup company that pioneered structure based drug design in the pharmaceutical drug discovery process. In 2009, Dr. Heinz moved into the world of wellness, prevention and youthful aging
We discuss his Healthy Neighborhoods project, a grass roots movement to create a world that’s nourished in mind and body and spirit by empowering people with awareness, innovative solutions, and an enriching and uplifting environment.

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