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Jun 28, 2021 | Podcast Episode

‘As a young trainer I thought I could do everything. Now  as an older trainer I realized that there are some things I do really, really well, and those are the clients I like to work with because that’s when my best attributes come out’  – Cale Dougans 


Every Body needs to move.  When the subject of slowing aging comes up, invariably there is immense polarization over diet and nutrition, use of medications or alternative therapies. But one area about which there is general agreement, is that keeping your body moving is fundamental to health. Regular exercise, whether through sport, resistance training, cardio workouts, work activities or the activities of daily life positively affects the body and the mind.  


Jim Rohn said ‘Take care of your body – it’s the only place you have to live.’    


One of the most important ways that anyone can take care of their body is through staying physically fit and active.  


Many national and global guidelines have been issued on the recommended minimum quantity and frequency of exercise for health but many adults don’t even meet these minimum goals. Self-isolation and lockdowns during the pandemic further restricted opportunities for working out. 


In today’s program we explore some of the factors that keep people from exercising and becoming fit, and discuss programs that aim to help seniors restore and maintain functionality. 


Cale Dougans is a personal trainer and one of the key professionals that accelerated my recovery and rehabilitation after spinal surgery. I began to train with Cale when I retired and took up ballroom dancing as my main fitness and fun activity. I badly needed help with strength, flexibility and posture. The trust I developed in his kinetics knowledge and training skills, by working with him prior to my surgery, was important in helping me overcome my fear of re-injury during rehabilitation.  


Cale grew up playing competitive baseball and basketball. His passion for sports led him to study at the University of British Columbia, where he completed his Degree in Human Kinetics and competed for the UBC Thunderbirds baseball team in their inaugural season. 


As a young undergrad working in the UBC Student’s Recreation Centre, Cale was part of the early days of the Changing Aging Program, which specialized in functional fitness for older adults. 


With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Cale is the director of The Studio at Envision, where he manages the daily operations of the training floor, as well as training his personal clients. 



  1. Make an honest assessment of yourself before you start an exercise program. Check in with your doctor to help you assess risk factors that may require starting slower in some areas 
  2. Do your research before picking a trainer and be sure that they have experience in the areas you need. Some work with elite athletes, others specialize in sports injuries, others work with older adults. Find one that is expert in what you need. 
  3. Build a long term relationship so your trainer knows you well and realise that your training needs will change over time. 

Reach Cale at The Studio Website: https://www.envisionphysio.com/ Email: cale.dougans@gmail.com 


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