012 Kathleen Woodington: Self-Care is Your Superpower

Jun 14, 2021 | Podcast Episode

Depression steals lives, and it stole my life. I was totally disempowered by ill-health. Yoga cracked me open, meditation helped me fall apart and the blocks I had constructed to feel safe, crumbled away. Over time the foundational self-care practices I created freed me to be at the highest vibrational frequency and show up as my best self  –     Kathleen Woodington. 


Empowerment Coach and Wellness Pro, Kathleen Woodington, is the creator of the Ultimate Resilience Formula. She shows high achieving women entrepreneurs who struggle with fatigue, burn out and depression, how to feel hope, experience more energy and step into their power.  


Our quote today is from Wendy Whelan, principal dancer with the New York City Ballet:   The moment is everything. Don’t think about tomorrow, don’t think about yesterday, think about exactly what you’re doing right now. Live it and dance it and breathe it. And be it  


Kathleen worked in health care, as an occupational therapist, until incapacitating fatigue from thyroid disease and depression made it impossible for her to work. We talk about her journey of discovery through yoga, meditation and other energy healing practices to the vibrant person she is today.


During our conversation Kathleen led me through a simple breathing exercise and introduced me to the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping, and we compared the morning practices each of us uses to set ourselves up for the day. 


Kathleen’s Takeaways 


If you are struggling with finding and centering yourself in this highly stressed world, get support and find the calm in the chaos. 


She offers a Free Gift: Morning body/breath practice: https://www.healdepressionloveyourlife.com/ 


Health is a skill set. Wealth is your birthright. Choose to live an empowered and abundant life. Find out more at http://www.accessyou.ca. 


How to reach Kathleen:
Email: Kathleen@accessyou.ca
Website http://www.accessyou.ca 


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