006 Steven Radiloff: Body Alignment through Rolfing Fascial Release

Apr 30, 2021 | Podcast Episode

“Just say yes to never giving up your passion and you will retain your health, both mentally and physically.” – Steven Radiloff 


We discuss how body alignment through fascial release counters muscle tension and helps you retain a healthy range of motion after active exercise. Steven Radiloff, Certified Advanced Rolfer, trained at the Rocky Mountain Healing Arts Institute and the Rolf Institute, where he obtained his advanced rolfing certification. For over 40 years, Steven has integrated modalities of energy healing, and craniosacral therapy into his rolfing practice, to create a total approach to health and wellbeing through the mind-body connection. Steven was one of the key  people who helped me recover from spinal surgery so that I could once again become the dancing doc and active, optimistic, entrepreneurial person that I am today.  


Key takeaways: 


  • Rolfing aligns your body by freeing fascial tissues from surrounding muscle and enhances freedom and range of movement 
  • Movement is key, keep mentally and physically active 
  • Follow your passion, be open to opportunity 

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