Your Path, Your Way

Apr 29, 2021 | 2021 April A to Z Challenge

In my book, Growing Older Living Younger. I tell tales of the twists and turns in my journey to discover how to turn back time, and slow down the progression of the aging phenomena which many see as inevitable.  I needed to lose the excess fat I put on during my 4 months of  immobility, but also reverse the tendency for creeping weight gain that happens when one gets older.  

In my survey on aging fears, the term ‘middle aged spread’ came up on several occasions. Another common complaint was not being able to work out at the physical level they had been used to. Some had to have hip or knee replacements, others complained of joint pain, most commonly knees, back and neck. 

Fear of loneliness and loss of independence were frequent concerns on my survey. It was important for me to find a way to keep connected to community when I moved from our family home and the neighbourhood I’d lived in for more than 25 years. That meant combatting my natural introvertist tendency to cocoon at home rather than mingle with strangers. 

I found the solutions that worked for me by trial and error. I know that my body does best on a nutritional program of an 18 to 20 hour fasting window (only coffee, water, bone broth) and avoiding grains, legumes and starchy vegetables when I eat. 

The question of whether the DNA SNP studies really contribute nutritional or other insights on an individual basis is still up in the air for me, largely because I haven’t had time to spend on going through the results in any depth. 

Working with people towards their specific wellness goals, I keep having to remind ourselves that we all have unique foibles or biases. Even though certain diets to me are not physiologically grounded and are based more on ideology than health, those devotees are as fixed in their ideology as I am in my intolerance of olives and cilantro.  

What can one say?  I can but share what I have learned. The mission of the Growing Older Living Younger Project is to help you discover your roadmap to healthy longevity. Trial and error, and your personal experience will guide you to find your path, your way.   

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