26 Nerdy Fun Facts about Changing Aging. Blogging A to Z April 2021 Challenge

Mar 30, 2021 | 2021 April A to Z Challenge

Why I am going for the April 2021 A to Z Blogging challenge you may ask? Have I suddenly discovered how to stretch time? Do I need to take a course on how to relax? Oh no. Definitely not another new course added to the ones I am already not keeping up with.

Well, Pillar 6 of the Growing Older Living Younger (GOLY) program is called CHOOSE A CHALLENGE. It is based on the premise that to ward off your mental and physical decline, mind and body need to be constantly challenged. The moment you label yourself ‘too old’ to learn or to start a fitness program or to loose your middle-age spread, is the start of your downward aging trajectory. And I am not ready for that.

Your challenge can be anything you set yourself, from a habit you want to sustain, to an out-ofthe box adventure. When the pandemic restrictions meant I could no longer go to my dance lessons I challenged myself by founding the GOLY Project, to help others understand that they could change aspects of their aging to keep vibrant and youthful while they age chronologically.

Within the GOLY project came the challenge of launching my podcast (target date April 28), launching the paperback and E-pub version of my book “Growing Older Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully and the Art of Retiring Comfortably” (Target date May 27), the Facebook group and the Growing Older Living Younger blog hosted on this website.

And then, partly because I must ‘practise what I preach’, or maybe because I am nuts enough to want to keep challenging myself, I decided at the last minute to take up the 2021 A to Z Blogging Challenge with an A to Z of Growing Older Living Younger 2021.

For those of you who are curious, here are the links to the 3 previous challenges I have done. You will find them on my lifestyle website www.reviewfromthehouse.com.

In 2015 The Amazon Jungle Cruise. In 2018 Growing Old Living Young (while I was working on my book)

In 2020 A Decade of Global Dance Cruising

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