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The 7 Critical Pillars of The GOLY Project

Dec 28, 2020 | Living Younger by Changing Aging, Uncategorized

The GOLY Project is founded on 7 Pillars that were the basis of my roadmap to healthy aging. These are the aspects of life and lifestyle that I worked on during my rehabilitation from spinal surgery, and that I focus on today to maintain optimal mental and physical health as I grow older.


-Don’t let Your Genes Determine Your Destiny introduces you to epigenetics, the science of gene expression. This is the power you can unleash to modify aspects of yOur aging.   


-Mindset, Mindfulness and Mind-Keep depict some tips and tools I incorporate in my quest to maintain 3 facets of mental health.  A fourth facet of mental health, I discuss separately in Choose a Challenge – my personal challenge to keep my mind and soul engaged with life as I move through my 8th and 9th decade to become a dancing doc centenarian. 


You Are What You Eat tells you of the trials and errors I encountered while trying to lose 40 lbs,as I evolved the system to use food as my medicine.   

-Spinal Surgery to Samba Dancer  recounts how ballroom dancing became my passion and then the driving force that made me fit and agile. 

-Beauty is Skin Deep  shows that the health and appearance of your skin starts at the cellular level but inner beauty comes from overall health and the presence you project. 

-You are Not Alone, the penultimate chapter explores the differences between aloneness and loneliness, and the importance of connection 

Within each of these foundational areas there is a vast array of research, and myriad opinions and ideas as to the optimal path to follow.  And the volume of new ideas, research and data seems to increase unendingly.

Through the GOLY Project, the GOLY blog and podcasts we will explore this vast array of new knowledge. Through active participation, you will be able to choose for yourself, the ways in which you will best find your personal roadmap to healthy aging. 

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