130 Dr. Gillian Lockitch:The Change Your Aging Masterplan.

Nov 13, 2023 | Connection and Challenges, Featured Speaker, Fitness, Living Younger by Changing Aging, Mind and Brain, Nutrition, Podcast, Podcast Episode, Wellness

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER highlights how each one of us can create a personalized roadmap for aging gracefully and in optimal health. During her quest to reverse the negative effects of unhealthy aging due to inactivity after incapacitating spinal nerve damage, Dr. Gillian Lockitch evolved her personal roadmap to living younger longer. She recounts her story in her book, Growing Older Living Younger, the Science of Aging Gracefully and the Art of Retiring Comfortably. Dr. Lockitch seeks to advance a movement to help individuals extend their health span rather than just lifespan, enjoying an active. Independent and joyous life till the end.

To share this vision, she launched this Growing Older Living Younger podcast, now in its second season; the group coaching program program, Live Younger Longer: The Change Your Aging Masterplan, and will be sharing a treasure trove of healthy aging resources in January, in the Live Younger Longer Giveaway.

Today, guest host, Nedra Wendel, interviews Dr. Lockitch about her evolution of the  roadmap and the 7 pillars that mark the journey from starting point to destination.

Episode Timeline
  [0:11] Introduction to the Change Your  Aging Masterplan for healthy living.

  [3:08] How the journey to heathy aging and personal growth began

  [8:39]. What came first –  depression or the weight gain?

[11:18]  From couch potato to emergency surgery

[13:29] How the 7 Pillars evolved:

  1 The Aging Blueprint, 

  2-4 Nutrition, Movement, Mind and Brain,

   5 Skin – the window to your health,

   6 Communication and Connection

   7. Challenging Yourself

[17:27] Carbs, whole foods, no additives, quality supplements.

Posture and sedentary lifestyle.

[31:30] Focus on wellness and personal responsibility

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