100 Amanda Lockitch & Dr. Gillian Lockitch. Celebrating Longevity: Growing Older Living Younger Turns 100.

Apr 17, 2023 | Podcast, Podcast Episode

THIS EPISODE OF GROWING OLDER LIVING YOUNGER celebrates the 100 episode milestone. In Celebrating Longevity. Growing Older Living Younger turns 100, the tables are turned and interviewer becomes interviewee. Podcast host, Dr. Gillian Lockitch, is interviewed by Amanda Lockitch, aka The Multitasking Mompreneur, about the show, its longevity and the future.

We discuss statistics that indicate that reaching only 20 episodes places a podcast in the top 1% of almost 400 million podcasts registered in 2023, and what has enabled Growing Older Living Younger to reach the 100 episode milestone. We review the Growing Older Living Younger program, discuss the introduction of the Changing Aging Masterplan and the Reset Your Aging Blueprint System, and the plans for Season 2 of the Growing Older Living Younger podcast.

Episode Timeline

 [0:11] Introduction to Dr. Jill’s background.

  [3:48] Longevity of podcasts 

  [5:52] Consistency and habits for successful podcasting.

   [9:50] Computerized brain training to preserve cognition

[14:07] Skincare regimen as antidote to ageism.

[17:53] Introduction to the Changing Aging Masterplan

[20:46] What are the seven pillars of Growing Older Living Younger?

[25:26] The importance of connection.

[30:05] Dr. Lockitch’s ey takeaway message for listeners.

Guest Bio:
Dr. Gillian Lockitch is an author, researcher, teacher, journalist and international speaker. She is a dual certified Specialist physician and medical professor emerita at the University of British Columbia. During her 25 year academic medical practice, her research focused on medical biochemistry, nutrition and genetics. She authored 57 peer reviewed publications, 14 book chapters, and spoke at international conferences throughout Asia, Europe and North America. She received the 1998 YWCA Woman of Distinction award for Science and Technology. On retirement she switched her focus from science to the arts, and established a second career writing online about theater, food, wine and the arts. She writes travel blogs on her ballroom dance cruising around the world. A chance encounter on an assignment to review a health and wellness trade show sent her career on a third trajectory when she encountered a company with an innovative genetic science-based focus on health and beauty, promoting healthy aging through applied epigenetics. After extensive research into the scientific, financial and philanthropic practices of the company, she launched her third career as a network entrepreneur, helping people to age youthfully from both inside out and outside in. A renaissance woman with a  passion for understanding leading edge science coupled with decades of writing about international arts and culture, Gillian Lockitch is uniquely positioned to accomplish her dream of helping all people age youthfully and achieve financial freedom and their lifestyle goals.

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