092 Jennifer Buchanan: The Power of a Playlist to Transform Aging

Feb 20, 2023 | Podcast Episode

Do you love music? Today you will hear how carefully curated, mindfully selected music has the power to transform your emotions and promote mental  health. 
In the Growing Older Living Younger podcast I share with you insights from a variety of experts in healthy aging to show that small changes in lifestyle and habits can have a big impact on your health and vitality as you age. To discover how to Reset Your Aging Blueprint or learn how you can start your own on-line wellness, beauty and healthy aging business, click the link to schedule a free Discovery Call with me.
I am delighted to introduce you today to award-winning Canadian music therapist, author and speaker, Jennifer Buchanan, Founder and Visionary Architect of JBMT, a music therapy company that has been instrumental in implementing hundreds of music therapy programs across Canada for 30 years. Jennifer is the author of award-winning books – Tune In (2nd Ed, 2020), and Wellness Incorporated (2019) – as well as a children’s sing-a-long story celebrating diversity and abilities, called My Body’s Special. A multi-nominee for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s Community Impact Award, she holds an MBA specializing in social entrepreneurship in addition to her Certification as a Music Therapist. In her new book, Wellness, Well played: The Power of the Playlist, Jennifer discusses how and why creating a carefully curated, mindfully selected playlist can be an important, positive step towards better productivity and mental health.
Two recent experiences prompted me to suggest that in this podcast, we apply some of the principles that could be used to craft playlists that would increase my motivation and productivity as I heal from a knee injury that is limiting my mobility and creative energy.
We also briefly discuss the seven-part lecture series Jennifer recorded with Studio Bell to show users a collaborative, one-on-one approach to crafting playlists tailored to their unique needs. This is the link  https://amplify.nmc.ca/watch/power-of-the-playlist/)

To discover how to Reset Your Aging Blueprint or learn how you can start your own on-line wellness, beauty and healthy aging business, schedule a free Discovery Call with me. 
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