075 Laurie Lewis: How to Stop Dieting Your Way to Obesity

Oct 24, 2022 | Podcast Episode

“The literature of menopause is the saddest, the most awful, and the most medical of all genres. You’re sleepless, you’re anxious, you’re fat, you’re depressed – and the advice is always the same: take more walks, eat some kale, and drink lots of water. It didn’t help.” (Sandra Tsing Loh)
For today’s guest, Intermittent Fasting Coach and Author, Laurie Lewis, menopause dealt a crushing blow. She experienced brain fog, lack of balance, memory loss, and the sudden gain of 50 pounds of stubborn hormonal fat. She tried everything she knew to feel better but the methods that worked in the past made no difference. After four years of struggle, Laurie stumbled upon Intermittent Fasting and started fasting that very same day. The menopausal fog lifted in less than one week, she had more energy and felt more “like herself.”  Now, at 59-years old, Laurie has turned her personal success into a thriving Intermittent Fasting coaching business. As a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she combines her knowledge of nutrition with the study and practice of intermittent fasting/time restricted eating. 
In this episode, we discuss the root causes of most people’s challenges with weight loss and health, and why so many women expect that they will get sicker, heavier and foggier as they age. We talk about how  intermittent fasting helps to reduce brain fog, and Laurie’s top 3 tips on how to get started with time restricted eating.
As I describe in my book, nutrition is a foundational pillar of my  roadmap to aging youthfully. For me, combining  a low carbohydrate, and later a ketogenic, nutrition program with time restricted eating helped me lose 40 lbs of body fat, during my rehabilitation after emergency spinal surgery. But as we strive to age in good health, we each have to learn what works for us.

To discover how to Reset Your Aging Blueprint and create your own roadmap to living younger as you grow older, you can schedule a free Discovery Call with me.

 You can learn more about Laurie and Fast Forward Wellness here:http://www.fastforwardwellness.com

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