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D for Deficiencies, D for Diseases with Dr. Dave McCarthy

Jan 3, 2022 | Interview, Living Younger by Changing Aging, Nutrition, Podcast Episode, Wellness

 Steve Martin quipped, ‘a day without sunshine is like, you know, night.’ 

Sadly, especially recent times,  too many people get too little sunshine, literally and metaphorically  to make a difference in their lives. Today we talk about the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D and how recent science changed the way long time military and civilian family physician, Dr. Dave McCarthy, thought about deficiency diseases.  

We discuss Vitamin D and other deficiency states, criteria for determination nutritional adequacy, as the cost effectiveness of prevention. 

About Dr. Dave McCarthy: After obtaining his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Connecticut, Dr. Dave got specialty training in family medicine with the US Air Force and further training in pharmacology,  aerospace medicine, and global infectious disease management. 

A former Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, Creighton University, he is trained and certified as a National Medical Incident Commander (USA) and had a twenty-four year career in the US Air Force Medical Corps. For thirteen year, he practiced as a  civilian family physician, retiring from clinical practice in 2012 to focus on providing clinical insights to scientists documenting and investigating the impact of deficiency states on outcomes in healthcare. 

You can hear Dr. Dave talk about Vitamin deficiencies HERE


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