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Am I Losing My Mind? With Dr. Gillian Lockitch

Oct 6, 2021 | Living Younger by Changing Aging, Mind and Brain, Nutrition, Podcast Episode, Wellness

What we hold in our heads, our memory, our feelings, our thoughts, our sense of our own history, is the sum of our humanity.” (British  director, Richard Eyre)  

When I asked baby boomer and Gen X men and women what concerned them most about staying youthful while growing older, a frequent problem was memory loss and a fear of developing dementia. 

Many find it hard to differentiate between forgetfulness or memory loss that happens to all of us at some time or another, mild cognitive impairment in which they  experience more severe symptoms than their age cohort, and dementia. 

As the lifespan of our global population has increased, so has the prevalence of dementia  According to  Alzheimer’s disease International, In 2020 there were more than 55 million people worldwide, living with dementia.  

Freezing my contact lens was a wakeup call for me  triggering a hunt for measures to preserve my cognitive functions and keep brain and body vital and energetic. 

To complement my exercise, nutrition, sleep and Mind-Keep practices, I added two supplements of plant-derived ingredients known to support cellualr energy production and cellular purification. 

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