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Money Does Grow on Trees: The Myths We Create and Live By – with Esra B. Ogut

Sep 13, 2021 | Interview, Living Younger by Changing Aging, Mind and Brain, Personal Development, Podcast Episode

What creates our reality is not really the action we’re taking. But the being state that stands behind the action.  Esra B. Ogut 

One of the seven key pillars of the Growing Older Living Younger roadmap to aging youthfully, comprise the 3 attributes Mindset, Mindfulness and Mind keep. Earlier episodes of this podcast have focused on beliefs, behaviors and consequences, resilience and healing from trauma, living with purpose, and keeping your cognitive functions sharp.  

The great solution to all human problems is individual in a transformation. Vernon Howard 

Today we talk about transformation. How the myths we create through our life experiences can hold us back, or help us achieve what we desire, and how we can transform limiting beliefs into a force for positive growth.  

Esra Ogut is a transformational coach, yoga teacher, and author of a new book. Money Does Grow on Trees: The Myths We Create and Live By. Transforming her own mythology, took her from working as a shoe salesgirl to living a millionaire life. With her husband, Ike, they run a certification program in transformational coaching. 

Her key takeway is the suggestion to do this  simple exercise every day.

Be grateful and express your gratitude in 10-15 sentences for 2 to 3 different subjects that are already present in your life. Speak this and be grateful, until you sense a change of state within you;  until you start feeling different,  until you feel your frequency rise.  

Then move on to start being grateful for things that you would want to happen in your life as if they have already happened. That’s a very, very big tool of manifestation. 

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