018 Dr. Zynul Khan: Defeating Diabetes: Pre-diabetes, obesity and the diabesity epidemic

Aug 9, 2021 | Podcast Episode

My four pillars of health are fun and effective exercise, healthy food choices and eating habits, effective stress management, and sleeping with purpose  – Dr. Zynul  Khan 

American actor, the late Stephen Furst who battled diabesity all his life, said The way to deal with the devil of diabetes and obesity is literally one day at a time.

For the past 18 months, every aspect of our lives has been dominated by  the covid 19 viral pandemic. There have been over 200 million cases and more than 4 million deaths worldwide. But meanwhile another far more insidious epidemic, has been spreading globally, shortening lifespan with its associated disorders of unhealthy aging, 

Diabesity, the intertwined epidemics of obesity and diabetes, affects millions of adults and children. And there are no signs that we are ‘flattening the diabesity curve’. 

Worldwide, obesity has nearly tripled since 1975, in parallel with the demonizing of dietary fat and cholesterol, and the massive growth of the fast food and processed food industries. International data show that globally, about 462 million individuals, roughly 6 % of the world’s population are affected by type 2 diabetes. More sobering is research suggesting that as many of 1 in 3 adults may be pre-diabetic and that 90% of them do not know it.

Growing Older Living Younger aims to help people increase their health span, staying well in mind and body till the end. Understanding how to prevent or reverse obesity and diabetes is arguably one of the most important steps each of us must take to age in health.  

 Increasingly, physicians from a range of specialties, are realizing from personal experience, that helping their patients manage their nutritional health, is as important as treating the specific  conditions of their specialty. And today’s guest is one such physician. 

I talk with Dr. Zynul Khan, a Sports and Exercise medicine physician who has focused his career on the treatment and prevention of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity.   

Using the methods learnt in Exercise medicine and his extensive training and experience working with sports teams and athletes such as the Trinidad and Tobago National Hockey Team and Guyana Olympic Association, Dr. Khan has developed courses that help those struggling with diabetes, pre-diabetes (obesity), losing weight or those who want to challenge themselves to live a healthier life. We discuss diabetes, pre-diabetes, the link between body weight and diabetes and how diabesity can be reversed. 

Dr. Khan defines his 4 pillars of health:
Exercising in a fun and effective manner 
making healthy food choice
Using effective stress management techniques 
Sleeping with purpose.
And suggests 3 easy practices you can start today: 
Reduce your dietary carbohydrates
Keep well hydrated
Walk 10,000 steps a day

He offers his free eBook: https://drfit2017.ac-page.com/free-give-away-from-defeat-diabetes   

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