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Adopting a Resilient Mindset with Lee Atherton

Aug 7, 2021 | Living Younger by Changing Aging, Mind and Brain, Personal Development, Podcast Episode

“We often take self-care for granted… but if we don’t do that, the well of all we give is empty. If we don’t fill it, we can’t give any more.” – Lee Atherton 

It is a rare individual that reaches mid-life without having experienced trauma or loss. People cope in different ways. Whether you are a care-giver, providing end of life support to a loved one, or you are one of the ‘sandwich” generation, caring at the same time for young children and elderly parents, you probably don’t take enough time for yourself, to deal with exhaustion and recharge your batteries. or to deal with grief and loss.

Talking about grief, Julian Barnes said ‘ And you do come out of it, that’s true. After a year, after five. But you don’t come out of it like a train coming out of a tunnel, bursting through the downs into sunshine and that swift, rattling descent to the Channel; you come out of it as a gull comes out of an oil-slick. You are tarred and feathered for life.” 

Lee believes that you need not be ‘tarred and feathered for life’ if you understand the importance of self-care in resilience, and the ability to come out of the tunnel stronger than before.

Listen to Adopting a Resilient Mindset with Lee Atherton HERE, or find the podcast interview on the Podcast page

Lee Atherton is an ordained minister and a certified end-of-life grief support and resilience coach. She tudied at Erickson College and Andover Newton Theological School, and for  over 15 years, Lee has been helping individuals and those in the helping professions such as chaplains, clergy, first responders and clinicians, deal with extreme stress or chaos of life and loss and grief. Lee’s goal is to guide others into personal resiliency so they, in turn, can help others navigate their life stresses.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • If you want to care for others effectively, you must also care for yourself – you can’t give to others out of an empty well 
  • Resilience is not a suit of armor, rather, it is a protective shield of courage that’s strong and dependable just as it is malleable and honest  

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