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Becoming Fall-Proof with Susan Bock Smith and Judy Bjornson

Aug 5, 2021 | Fitness, Living Younger by Changing Aging, Podcast Episode, Wellness

“You got to just move. It doesn’t matter how efficient your movements are, what matters is that you are moving.” – Susan Bock Smith

The fourth foundational Pillar of the Growing Older Living Younger project is is vitally important for our health that we keep active and moving, and yet for many people as the grow older they are less able or less motivated to keep active. with decreased activity comes loss of bone and muscle strength, an increased risk of falling, and sustaining fractures.

Legendary dancer, Rudolf Nureyev said ” You live as long as you dance” and for me, dance of any kind, epitomizes the most complete mind and body enhancing for of movement. It demands strength, flexibility, balance and the need to respond to multiple sensory inputs simultaneously, makes complex neural connections.

Numerous studies have shown that many older people do not get even the minimum recommended amount of daily exercise. Falls are one of the major causes of injury and death among the elderly and it is estimated that each year, almost a third of Canadian seniors, sustain a fall with or without a fracture.

Susan Bock Smith and Judy Bjornson get seniors moving, and prevent falls, through their Surefeet program.

Listen to Becoming Fall-Proof with Susan Bock Smith and Judy Bjornson here or find it on the Podcast page.

Susan Bock Smith earned a Bachelor of Education with a Major in Physical Education from McGill University and taught Elementary Physical  Education prior to raising her family. She is FallProof certified (California State Fullerton)  as a Fall Prevention Balance & Mobility Specialist. Through Surefeet, founded to deliver Seniors’ Balance & Mobility Training, she has instructed over 4300 Balance & Mobility classes to over 3900 registrants. She is a PWR!Moves (Parkinsons’ Disease) Certified Instructor and a certified Urban Poling (Nordic Walking) Instructor. Susan combines cognitive activities with physical exercise as a staple of the Surefeet program. Her mission is to reduce the fall risk of Seniors and enhance well-being, quality of life and independent living ability 

Judy Bjornson received her FallProof Balance & Mobility Specialist certification from California State University in 2010 and has been a Surefeet co-owner, trainer and educator since, She is a Certified PWR!Moves Instructor and an Aquatic Rehabilitation Specialist. Judy is a Certified Master Trainer for WaterART Fitness International, teachesl aquatic certifications and one of two WaterART specialists in Central/Western Canada qualified to administer WaterART Certification examinations. Judy was selected as Program Coordinator to head the Brain Gain program of the Vancouver Brain Injury Association. Judy strives to positively affect the lives of all those she encounters.

Key Takeaways:

  • Balance, strength and flexibility decline as we grow older – but if you’re willing to learn and adjust, you can protect your body from the risk of falling that increases with advancing age
  • Adversities may limit our abilities but if we’re willing to learn and adjust we can continue to do what we love 
  • Constantly challenge yourself, never tell yourself that you’re too old to do anything

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