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Oprah was Wrong! You Can Have it All – All at the Same Time: with Karen Pierce

Jul 26, 2021 | Connection and Challenges, Living Younger by Changing Aging, Personal Development, Podcast Episode

Rather than think about life in balance, think about how you want to integrate your life. If you think of life as integrated, things shift and blend, rather than win or lose  – Karen Pierce 

Today our conversation is about having it all, a successful professional career and loving, nurturing family life. My guest today, Karen Pierce, had, and still has, it all. Hearing about her early achievements as a pilot and aerospace engineer, filled me with awe. How did she do it?  In today’s world we hear a lot about overwhelm, and of having to maintain  a work-life balance. Karen suggests that striving to  balance work and life may not be the right approach. 

Aptly for today, we have two motivational quotes 

 The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary   Legendary American Football Coach, Vince Lombardi

 Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile‘  –   Franklin P. Jones 

Karen Pierce, is an author, speaker, executive coach and consultant.  As a businesswoman and pilot ,her career broke new ground for women in the corporate world.  Graduating top of her aerospace engineering class, Karen led large teams at leading aerospace firms like Honeywell and Northwest Airlines, searching out new technologies, and implementing multiple 9-figure programs on a worldwide basis.  With her family, she  spent 16 years in Asia ,beginning  her own business helping with the growth and success of non-profits and educational institutions in Japan and China.  Back in  the US, she consults and coaches technology and marketing for both small, high-tech startup businesses and major corporations.  Happily married 40 years to the man of her dreams, they raised two amazing men while juggling dynamic careers, and 22 moves – 10 internationally.  

Karen’s greatest desire is to inspire people to fulfill their purpose and to impact the world and their families for generations to come.  Oprah said famously, that you could have it all, you just couldn’t have it all at the same time. Karen believes you can. If you’re chasing after what the world describes as success, yes, you’ll never get there. Because that changes all the time, and you’ll never measure up. So it’s really important that we define what success is for us. For Karen, it’s really being about clear about who you are, what you’re created to do. And then really stepping into it being intentional about pursuing that, rather than getting distracted in in moving away from it. 

Work life balance is like a seesaw. On one side you have  your work, the other side, your personal and family life.  It takes a lot of work to keep balanced, and then any little blip can cause it to go off balance. If you’re thinking about it as balance, everything has to sum to zero. And when you’re playing a zero sum game. It leaves you with nothing. So for Karen, it’s not about work life balance, it’s about blending. It’s about integration. Having it all at the same time, but focusing on what is the priority at any given moment. 

Compromise, regret, and overwhelm come from sacrificing what is most important to you. 
The cure for overwhelm is intentionality because overwhelm a symptom of loss of focus not loss of control.   
For everything you say “yes” to, you are also saying “no” to something else. If both requesters were in the room, who would you say “no” to? 

Connect with Karen Pierce:

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Her book is called: “It’s My Time; Perfecting Balance in Your Priorities, Passions, & Purpose” – just pay shipping 

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