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Connecting People and Providers – with Hedieh Safiyari

Jun 21, 2021 | Connection and Challenges, Interview, Podcast Episode, Wellness

My mission was to revolutionize client and health and wellness provider experiences with an easy to use app that would  help people find the services that they need where they live  – Hedieh  Safiyari 

At some stage in our lives almost all of us will find ourselves looking for  health care resources needed by ourselves, a family member or a friend. And even though you may yourself be part of the system, a nurse, a doctor or a technician,when you or your loved one becomes a patient,  your experience counts for little. 

Jones Salk, discover of the first polio vaccine, said  “Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. 

 Hedieh (Heidi) Safiyari, dared to dream of a solution. She became the Founder and CEO of Prompt Health, a web program and app created to connect people to the right services according to their needs. Her personal experiences looking for help with healing from athletic injuries,  working with cardiac rehabilitation clients, and caring for her mom through two bouts of cancer, drove her to find a way to help people find the services they need where they live. 

 Heidi completed undergraduate and Masters degrees In Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia, focusing in cardiac rehabilitation. Over the next 15 years her personal and professional experiences led her to the dream of building a resource to connect people with the professional health and wellness services that they needed. On graduation from the Global Executive MBA program at Simon Fraser University, she embarked on a 3 year research and development venture that culminated in the launch of PromptHealth. It is now a Canada-wide web-based and App service and is expanding into the US. PromptHealth is free to register both for individuals and health care providers, and is very user-friendly. It iss easy to find a certified health practitioner, as long as a referral is not required. 

Despite our focus on prevention and our best intentions to live a healthy lifestyle, things happen, and we may need help. Heidi’s dream, and the resultant PromptHealth, may help you find the help you need.

To reach PromptHealth 
The App (iOS and Android)  prompthealth 

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Listen here to Episode : Connecting People and Providers with Hedieh Safiyari. 


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