The Growing Older, Living Younger Project

Beauty IS Skin Deep: I chat with E.O.C. Host, Connie Whitman, on living youthfully inside and out.

Jun 7, 2021 | Living Younger by Changing Aging, Nutrition, Podcast Episode, Skin Care Personal Care

What does growing older living younger mean to you? Do you think it’s all about having a youthful look, smooth glowing skin, no wrinkles? Or is it about nutrition, exercise, keeping active so you feel strong and agile with high energy? For some of you, it’s all of the above and more

For me, this “more” led me to start an online business helping others to look and feel vibrant and full of energy, or start their own online, global entrepreneurial businesses as part of a welcoming and supportive team of fellow entrepreneurs.

You can hear my conversation HERE with Connie Whitman, CEO of Whitman&Associates and dynamic host of the podcasts, Enlightenment of Change and Heart-Centered Sales Leader.

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